Audrey Clarke

I am based in Inverness and do a lot of running and since the first lockdown I started to notice your trucks, vans and workers. It became a bit of a chuckle as wherever I ran I saw a truck and then one day one of the truck drivers was dropping a load and he said to me had he not seen me down on the new road and then I was here? Yes I said and we laughed.

I see this truck driver really often still and he always raises his hand or toots.

During this week I started a running challenge for the Alzheimer’s Society (I am not looking for donations so please keep reading). At 4 am on the 24th I started – I have ran 4 miles every 4hours for 48 hours and completed the challenge at 1am on Friday morning. Absolutely shattered, totally elated and have raised £700 for the charity. My dad died 3 years ago and it would have been his birthday on the 7th April.

My routes I did during the challenge had to be the same so I didn’t have to think as time went on. So my route was taking me past your men working in the Lochardil area in Inverness. Each time they saw me I got happy cheery voices, so I told them what I was doing and why. The next few times passed and they stopped me and gave me a donation.

I would like you to pass my heartfelt thank you to all these guys please.
It can be so demoralising in these current times, but your guys are always upbeat and smiling.

Please thank them and let them know that during the challenge duration I have raised £700 – I can’t believe it.

Thank you,
Audrey Clarke

Due to Audrey’s amazing effort GCU UK Ltd have also made a contribution to this charity.

+44 28 7136 8042